Tension Rollers Advantages Over Traditional Hair Rollers

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Hair rollers are hair styling tools that allow you to curl your hair either manually or through a heated process. You first divide your hair into sections, and then simply roll a section around the barrel. To make curls, you leave it for several minutes or an hour or you may want to apply some heat. The hair then follows the shape of the roller, thus the curls.


Using hair rollers to create a curly style has been a method of styling, which is done for centuries.  These days, there are a lot of different types of rollers, you are sure to find one that suits your hair texture and time restraints, as well as the final look that you desire. Some types of hair rollers include; hot hair rollers, foam rollers, sponge rollers, velcro, magnetic, etc. However, the type that is on a stylist’s mind today is the tension rollers, also called unisex or hourglass rollers.


These traditional hair styling tools, including the curling iron and blow dryer, have one thing in common.  They expose your hair to extreme heat. It’s the same, as drying your hair under a hooded dryer, that you normally see being used in salons. If you have used a blow dryer or a curling iron for several days in a row, you will surely experience hair damage, caused by excessive heat. You may blame the chemicals or your lack of hair vitamins as such, but the heat in hair styling tools are one of the most common reasons for hair loss.


On the other hand, tension rollers will give you the best and the tightest curls, at just about half of the time you commit to styling your hair. What’s more, you can look and feel glamorous in your rollers, even before you finish curling. Tension rollers wouldn’t break your hair and wouldn’t make it weaker, dry, and broken.


Your hair is among the things that people will look at, as you walk on the street or enter a room because it is a part of your personality. It is a nice feeling when you look and feel confident about your hair. Always remember that your hair – curly or straight – and healthy, will never go out of style.


Other things to think about tension rollers are the following:


*  Tension rollers give you an indirect method of using heat, thus reduces the risk of heat damage.


*  This tool is better at retaining hair moisture. Hair that you dry using tension rollers instead of hairstyling, is always softer, due to the rollers’ superior moisture retention.


*  Provided that you know the technique of using the rollers on your hair and you are able to get the right amount of tension, to smoothen your hair, getting a hairdryer will not really matter.


*  Style lasts longer. The downside to using curling irons is that it curls within a few hours. Tension rollers always provide tighter curls that will stay that way for days or a week.


Tension rollers are available in different sizes, selected colors, and in packages of 6 and 12.

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