What The Color Of Your Tie Says About You

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Ties are one of the most common items of men’s accessories, and they have a lot of importance whether or not you realize it. If you want to add a dash of charm, style, and elegance to your outfit, then you definitely should wear a tie. Something as simple as the color of the tie you decide to wear to work, to a party, or to any formal or semi-formal gathering speaks volumes about you, and this article will help you discover hidden messages behind your tie colors.

Colors are an awesome entity and they are regarded as a very important part of a person’s psychology by experts and non-experts alike. The color of your tie says a lot about you, and you should take it into serious consideration when getting dressed. Regardless of who your audience will be – business partners, interviewers, bosses or colleagues – they all get a vibe from your tie, so you have to make sure to choose the right color every time.

According to the author of Color Your Style who’s based in New York, David Zyla, different ties have the power to transform a suit due to their different colors, giving the same suit a different impact and message. This is due to the specific signals which different colors give off. In general, darker colors give off an air of seriousness, responsibility, and power. Lighter colors, on the other hand, show off a more playful and warm side.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular tie colors and the message they send about you:

Reds: When we talk about reds, we refer to a whole family of colors. There are darker reds such as burgundy, and brighter reds such as the tomato red shade. Red gives off a vibe of strength and fashion. People are more drawn to you and they see you as trustworthy if you wear a red tie, especially if it is paired with a light shirt and a darker suit. If you are in a leadership option or you just want to show off how ambitious you are, stock up on red ties.

Blue: Just like red, blue ties come in a variety of shades, and they tell people that you’re charming and adorable. Light blue shades represent peace and tranquility, and they’re an awesome option.

Purple: Purple has been known throughout history as a color related to royalty. When people see you wearing a tie in a royal or rich purple shade, they see you as self-confident and it helps you create a great first impression.

Yellow: When you wear a yellow plain tie, you tell the world you are daring and bold. Wearing a yellow tie will set you apart from the crowd.

Black: Black is a classic color, and it is a great color for cocktail events. It tells people that you’re mature and patient. It can, however, also send the message that you’re arrogant or overdressed. Stick to grey shades to be on the safe side.

With this guide, you should be good to go. Pick colors that fit your mood and show the world you’re ready to rule.

Article source: Ties online 

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